Founded in 2011 under the vibrant creative influences of Berlin’s streets LIW·BLN initially emerged as a lingerie brand: Lost in Wonderland. The collection's undeniable handwriting offered a mix of classic yet sophisticated designs that were wearable and edgy at once. Sustainably produced and abstaining from animal fiber, the line quickly conquered the heart of underwear lovers beyond the borders of Berlin and Europe.

As the brand grew, so did its founders’ longings to set out into the world without having to follow the tight schedule of the fashion industry that moves garments like a clockwork.
If it’s your company, you can do what you want, right? Oh well.
This led to a seven year hiatus of Lost in Wonderland, a life in Brooklyn, multiple other stops, a passion for motorcycle travels. - But it also finally did lead to the return to Lost In Wonderland’s creative roots in Berlin.

This is where we are starting again. We are re-imagining of Lost in Wonderland’s core values.

We believe more than ever in the value of good design.
We still believe in sustainable supply chains.
We opt out from getting in line with international schedules.
We believe that less is more. (Noone needs 42+ new lingerie pieces every 6 months.)

Under the name LIW·BLN, we will offer a collection of selected unique designs that don’t aim to make up a full collection. We opt out. We’re building an inventory of avantgardist slow-fahion classics and favorite pieces for all occasions.

Never off-the-rack.
Always inspired by Berlin after dusk.
Locally produced.

(c) Philip Primus